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While studying in Hong Kong, I was fortunate enough to meet, and become friends with many Sham Shui Po residents through pick-up soccer. This series became a medium for self-expression, in other words, what you see is what you get. Capturing the instinct of a subject in front of the camera is a telling moment, one that reveals more about a person than what we may think. However, the presence of social media in our culture has created a generation of subjects attempting to mimic poses seen on the internet. Their instinct in front of the lens is therefore altered by the images that they have seen, and subjects tend to be subconsciously aware of how they are presenting themselves. By entering their comfort zone and allowing them to pose themselves, I was able to capture raw qualities that depicted them individually. I had the opportunity to photograph people who have not been over-saturated by imagery, because of this, I received an honest portrayal of a human experience that was foreign to me.

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